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Sun, Jun 02


iava wellness

Womb Wisdom: Embodying Your Inner Summer - Workshop & Healing Circle

Join us for an afternoon of tapping into your inner season of summer and celebrate the abundance, radiance & wealth within.

Womb Wisdom: Embodying Your Inner Summer - Workshop & Healing Circle
Womb Wisdom: Embodying Your Inner Summer - Workshop & Healing Circle

Time & Location

Jun 02, 2024, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

iava wellness, 9343 50 St NW #1, Edmonton, AB T6B 2L5, Canada

About the event

Join us for a deep reclamation of healing & manifesting through honoring our cyclical ways

and embodying our inner season of summer!

The secret to healing and manifesting with your own unique energetic blueprint is knowing

the magic of each of your sacred seasons. Our Inner Summers are a delicious time that

supports us in becoming more grounded in our bodies, opening us up to pleasure and our

sensuality TENFOLD.

Our inner summer is a time of plentitude and ease, our energy is at an all-time high and we

have the capacity to not only ‘have it all’ but to receive it all. This is a time where we can feel

as if we are a powerhouse of productivity, multi-tasking, engaging in play, and pleasure. This

is when we easily flow with our lives and experience deep-found feelings of self-mastery.

Embodying our sacred seasons, allows us to tap into our womb wisdom and the wisdom of

Svadhisthana, our Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Plexus Chakra is associated with our emotions,

how we experience pleasure, how we relate in one-on-one relationships, our creativity, our

manifestations, our desires. This chakra holds so much untapped wisdom, wisdom that

wants to align us with our cyclical ways and embody the magic of our Inner Summer.

This is why we are hosting our 3-hour healing circle and workshop, so we can offer a sacred

space for you to come home to yourself and the magic that lives within.

What to expect:

● Welcome Circle & Intention Setting

● Discussion on the Inner Season of Summer and the natural powers of the Sacral

Plexus Chakra

● Abdominal Massage & Reiki

● Akashic Record Healing Journey

● Intuitive Movement & Soul Sister Dancing

● Closing Circle & Sacred Sharing

● A surprise gift for everyone who attends

We are so excited to guide you through this magical and sacred healing experience.

Until then, much love,

Hannah & Kelsey

Please note: this event is for anyone with an energetic womb space - non-binary, queer,

transgender, two-spirit folk, and those who do not bleed or who are in menopause, are all


Meet Your Guides

Hannah Stinson

Hannah is an Akashic Record Guide & Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Tarot Teacher & Womb

Healer who supports divine beings in finding prosperity in their pain, so they can

understand their soul’s purpose and change the world with their medicine. Hannah supports

her clients journeys through a variety of modalities, specifically the Akashic Records,

Ancestral Healing, Ayurvedic Healing, Breathwork, Nervous System Rewiring, Reiki, Tarot,

Therapeutic Art, Womb Healing, and Yoga. Hannah believes we all have the ability to

embody our womb wisdom and reclaim our sacred cycles. Hannah has been on a deep

spiritual healing journey since January 2019.

Kelsey Vinge

Kelsey is a Registered Massage Therapist and Usui Reiki Practitioner at iava wellness. She is

passionate about working somatically with the body through breath, movement, and touch.

Kelsey cultivates a space for her clients where they feel safe, comfortable, and at home in

their bodies. Her journey with connecting to her womb wisdom began summer of 2022. She is

honored to share the techniques and practices that have aided her along the way.


What do I need to bring?

● Journal and pen

● Water bottle

● Mug for tea (tea will be provided)

● Wear comfortable clothing with easy access to your belly and womb space

What if I do not have my uterus or reproductive organs, can I still attend?

● Yes you can still attend! We are honoring the energetic womb space so even if you

do not have those organs anymore, you can still connect with the energy.

What is Reiki?

● Reiki is an energy healing practice that works with the universal energy to support

gentle healing through relaxation, clearing energy blocks, supporting meditation and

harmonizing our overall being.

What is the Akasha?

● The Akasha / Akashic Field is a multi-dimensional space that allows for soulful healing

on a cellular DNA level. Being that the Akasha is a high vibrational space that is filled

with only the purest love, light, wisdom, and radiance, it allows for a transformative

experience like no other, which is why I feel it activates soulful healing at such a deep

level. This is a space that holds all of our souls' timelines - allowing us to access past

lives, ancestral understandings, and communicate with the divine through the

expansive energy. It is a place of self-empowerment, deep understanding, and safety.

Even though it is 5th dimensional, we are able to experience the energetic frequency

of its magic in the 3D world. The Akasha awakens our intuition and inner knowing

that we are the oracle.

What are the Akashic Records?

● The Akashic Records are the records of our own soul's timeline from this life, past

lives, ancestrally, cosmically, and so forth. We can access infinite and endless

knowledge and understanding about ourselves and our soul's purpose, how we can

heal trauma and wounds at the root, and connect deeper with our intuition, to name a

few. Everything and everyone has an Akashic Record.


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