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Ting Elger

Registered Yoga Teacher


Get to know Ting

What inspired you to pursue a career in massage therapy/yoga/wellness etc?

I have always been in love with dance and movement since I was little- doing my own moves and choreographing steps is so inherently natural and essential for me. But as I get older and encountered darkness and shadows begin to take over, my mental health begins to falter. Yoga became my safe space, this is where I can be ME without masks and judgement. Yoga freed me up and enable me to see life, love and peace.(

What do you believe are the biggest benefits of massage therapy/acu/osteo/yoga/wellness, both physically and mentally? 

As mentioned Yoga for me became the pathway to being healthy holistically, mind, body and spirit! - As a certified Trauma Informed Yoga teacher and EDI (Equity, Diversity Inclusivity) minded,.  this is Yoga- open to all, especially to those who are "different" and on the margins (Like me! :)

What brings you Joy? 

Joy for me is drinking coffee in a secluded cabin in the mountains, doing  meditation or painting abstract with recycled canvas or perhaps attempting to finish my manuscript! HA! One day! But Joy can also look like walking our little rescue puppy in a nearby park or foraging edible weeds and herbs for my concoction or simply gazing out the window with my candle flickering.

Favorite books you read last year that greatly impacted your life?

Oh wow this is a challenging question!1) The Artist Way by Julia Cameron

2) When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanith i

3) the Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak 

4) Lessons in Chemistry Bonie Garmus

5) Violeta by Isabel Allende

What does self-care look like for you?

 Self Love/ yoga/ walk/ sit/read/paint/ people watch


What are you grateful for?

 Today I am grateful for my yoga practice which is a life saver (literally and figuratively!)

What are you passionate about? 

This is why is am passionate and would like to say that I advocate for SELF LOVE

Book with Ting

Call to book: 780-761-9343

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