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Lauren Stensrud

Registered Massage Therapist


Get to know Lauren

What is your favorite type of massage or aliment to work on, and why? 

My favourite type of massage is one that provides that blissful combination of therapeutically and firmly working out those knots while simultaneously creating space for that time to relax, zone out and melt into the table - and finishing things off with a great facial and scalp massage! 

I have a lot of things that get me excited to treat! However, I particularly enjoy assisting those coming in for anything Headache/Neck/Jaw related as well as working with clients coming in for Visceral support for things like chest tightness, digestive discomfort, and stress management

What advice would you give to someone who has never had a massage before?

You NEVER have to apologize for body hair, pimples, cellulite, scars etc. Every body is different and you won’t find me commenting or judging anything that has to do with your body. That is UNLESS I notice something that would pertain to your overall health and my ability to treat safely - such as a sunburn, rash, scrape, swelling, bruise etc. that you may be unaware of. 

What do you believe are the biggest benefits of massage therapy, both physically and mentally?

The biggest benefit that I’ve witnessed and experienced myself personally, is gaining a stronger awareness and connection to what’s going on in my body. Massage offers that time to really connect with what your body is trying to communicate to you which is such an important skill to have and one that you can continue to hone even after the session is over!

What is your go-to stretch or favourite treatment?

Favourite go to stretch is supported Fish Pose. Using a bunch of pillows and blanket to get extra cozy. It’s a wonderful passive stretch and I find it to be incredibly restorative by creating more expansive breath, opening my pecs/chest, gives my shoulders a break and hips can relax. I usually try to stick to this stretch for 5, 10, sometimes 15min, listening to a podcast or some chill music.

Who usually comes to see you/ what are they often looking for? 

The people who come to see me are those looking to gain a deeper connection to their body through the use of relaxing and therapeutic techniques. The most common ailments I see coming in are: TMJ/Jaw, Headaches, Shoulder tension, Nervous system support/stress management, insomnia, and digestive dysfunction.

However, the underlying theme I see regardless of the complaint, is that people want to be seen and heard by their practitioner when it comes to their bodies pain or discomfort. Not glazed over or overlooked.

Top 3 favorite books or favorite books you read last year that grealtly impacted your life?

Anything written by Dr. Gabor Mate a Hungarian- Canadian Psychologist. I’m currently reading his most recent book: The Myth of Normal and it is INCREDIBLE

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake - I’m a sucker for storylines involving dark academia, secret societies and fantasy vibes. It has some of the best characters and prose I’ve ever read.

A Magic Steeped in Poison duology by Judy I. Lin a Taiwanese-Canadian author. It is a refreshing story drawing from Asian mythology and magic lore using the concept of tea ceremonies, leaves, and herbology. There is a lot of political friction that occurs during the book as well, but the world building descriptions transport me to such a beautiful place.

What is your favourite way to move your body?

Walking - to the farmers market and then brunch/coffee right after (just keeping it real)

What does self-care look like for you?

Self care to me was realizing that self care is more than just taking a massage, bath, meditating, yoga etc. Self care is going back to those basics of care like nourishment, going out in nature, sleep, movement, therapy, and being in community.

What are you grateful for?

The community of people I have in my life aaaand for Block 1912 London Fogs, Ramen and good books

What are you passionate about?

That Ross and Rachel were NOT on a break.

Jokes aside; I’m passionate about consciously creating time for restfulness and joy in my life. It’s a work in progress but I am getting better at it! 

Book with Lauren

Call to book: 780-761-9343

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