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Kelsey Vinge

Registered Massage Therapist


Get to know Kelsey

What inspired you to pursue a career in massage therapy/wellness? 

I spent many years working various outdoor labour and warehouse jobs. I enjoyed them, but was lacking fulfillment. I felt like something was missing. Within the span of a couple months, I reconnected with two old friends who are both RMTs. Hearing about their experiences, I immediately knew this field of work was perfect for me. The switch to massage therapy was like a lightbulb moment for me. This field of work allows me to enhance other’s well-being, stay active throughout the day, and have a flexible schedule. 

How long have you been practicing massage therapy/wellness, and what led you to choose this particular clinic? 

I graduated from MacEwan’s 2200 hour Massage Therapy program in 2021. I fell in love with iava as soon as I walked through the door. I knew this clinic was exactly where I wanted to be. The energy and atmosphere of this clinic is so welcoming and healing. 

What is your favorite type of massage or aliment to work on, and why? 

Hips and abdominal massage are my jam. We all carry so much tension in our hips. My clients are always surprised at how much we’re able to release in a session! Abdominal massage is a powerful technique to release physical and emotional tension, while promoting an overall sense of well-being and deeper connection to your body. I also love to combine massage with Reiki. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work, and how do you stay healthy and balanced in your own life? 

I love going to live music shows, playing volleyball, playing Zelda, and hanging with my pals and my cat. I’m grateful to have a solid morning routine where I connect with my body and spirit each day, which allows me to show up fully for each of my clients. 

What is your go-to stretch or favourite treatment? 

My favorite treatment is hip compressions and piriformis release. Definitely a client favourite. Epsom salt bath recommended after that one! 

Who usually comes to see you/ what are they often looking for? 

Folks often come to me for a combination of therapeutic and relaxation with moderate to deep pressure. I do alot of deep tissue massage. My clientele is a wide age range - from young professionals to seniors. Many of my clients have desk jobs, so we work on postural dysfunctions. 

What brings you Joy? 

Snuggling with my newly adopted rescue cat, Harper. Dancing to live music. My morning coffee. 

Top 3 favorite books or favorite books you read last year that grealtly impacted your life? 

1.Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

2. Anatomy of the Spirt by Caroline Myss

3. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. 

What is your favourite way to move your body? 

Rollerblading, skating, volleyball, and yoga. 

What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for my all beautiful friends and family. I am grateful to have found a career that I am deeply passionate about. And did I mention my cat, Harper?

Book with Kelsey

Call to book: 780-761-9343

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