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Kat Mclean

Registered Yoga Teacher, Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator


Get to know Kat

What inspired you to pursue a career Conscious Connected Breathwork?

My first CCB session in 2017 was so profound and transformative, I knew I had no choice but to share this work with others. I thought I had ‘done the work’ but breathwork cracked me open and allowed me to release a lifetime of deep rooted grief and tension. I feel that yoga and breathwork are a dynamic duo -teaching awareness, acceptance and compassion for self and others. 


How long have you been guiding breathwork journeys, and what led you to choose this particular clinic?

I’ve been guiding breathwork journeys since 2020, and I believe that set and setting is imperative for attendees to feel safe, supported and relaxed. The space at iava wellness has been my home base for breathwork for the last year. It is the ideal container for transformation - inviting, nurturing, and soothing.  


What is your intention for your session and the work you do?

My intention for every session is to be present. Each breather is unique, therefore each session is unique. I have no expectations, judgment or scale to measure sessions. My role is to hold space and provide each breather with the support and guidance that they need at that time. I love the work that I do and feel blessed that I can provide a safe space for individuals to notice what they notice, feel what they feel and just be with whatever comes up.  


What brings you Joy?

Mornings bring me joy. I love getting up before everyone else, savoring a cup of tea in the stillness and watching the world slowly wake up.

Book with Kat

Call to book: 780-761-9343

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