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Caroline Dahlke

Intuitive and Medium Practitioner


Get to know Caroline

Caroline Dahlke.. Healer.. Medium .. Teacher. A near death experience at the age of 4 began a lifetime of 'seeing' before things happened. Also 'healing hands' became noticeable at the age of about 7 onward. The gift of 'seeing sicknesses' as well as 'hearing' from a council of angel guides has enabled her to help heal deep traumas and spiritual stuckness that occurs quite often in all of us. ..Love, light, joy and peace are what all shiny souls desire and it is what we are all intended to live in. 

..We are all yearning for knowledge and this world is becoming quite curious all of the sudden. 

Join Caroline for a one hour session of discovering blockages.. question and answers as well as powerful healing energy work. 

Keep an eye on upcoming seminars about connecting with your own angel guides and learning your own path of light, hope and love. 

.. Peace..

Book with Caroline

Call to book: 780-761-9343

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